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Will Contest & Disputes

You may wish to challenge a will, or you may be the executor where someone has alleged the will is invalid or you did something wrong. Met Lane can assist you in resolving will disputes.

Will Litigation

In many cases, administration of a will is resolved without difficulty. However, there are times when you may dispute a will or question its validity. In other cases, someone may file suit alleging you did something wrong as an executor of a will.  Issues arise when a person who has a will, but the will fails to provide anything or allocate assets to a certain family member. Additionally, a will may leave the decedent’s assets to an acquaintance or someone the family suspects of wrongdoing or undue influence.

Reasons for Will Disputes

There are a variety of ways to contest a will. We handle will contests and disputes over suspicions of:

  • If your loved one was pressured to leave assets to an acquaintance or caretaker instead of family members
  • Elder abuse
  • Alterations to the will under duress
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Mental capacity
  • Forged documents or signatures
  • If an executor does something wrong when administering the will.

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