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Modification of Custody Lawyer in Carrollton, GA

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Custody Lawyer in Carrollton

Modification of Child Support, Visitation & Alimony

Divorced parents will be responsible for paying child support until their children reach the age of 18. However, if you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances — such as job loss, for example — you may be eligible to seek child support modification. A Custody Lawyer in Carrollton can help you determine whether your situation meets the legal requirements for seeking modification.

We also represent those involved in child support enforcement actions. Whether you have been falsely accused of failing to pay child support or require legal action to enforce your right to receive it, Custody Lawyer in Carrollton, Met Lane, has the practical experience and trial skills to protect your rights in court.

Custody Lawyer in Carrollton

Modification of Custody & Visitation

A parent can ask the court to modify visitation or parenting time once in each two-year period following an initial entry of judgment in a case without having to show a change in circumstances.

Modification of custody orders on the other hand, are allowed only on the basis that a significant change in family circumstances has taken place since the original order. If the change has affected the best interests of the child, a court might find that modification is appropriate. The parent seeking modification will have to prove to the court why the court should modify the initial custody and visitation order.

Modification of Alimony

If the initial divorce decree required you to pay alimony, you may be required to pay alimony for a number of years. However after a divorce matter had been concluded, you may file a modification of alimony seeking a reduction or increase in the amount of alimony paid by one former spouse to the other.

Usually, the grounds for modification are a change in the financial status of either former spouse or where a former spouse who receives alimony is cohabitating with a third party in a romantic relationship.

In cases regarding modification of alimony, there is a possibility that you may be awarded attorneys’ fees and court costs if you are successful in modifying the alimony or defending against the modification of alimony.

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