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At Met Lane & Associates, we are experienced in handling a range of civil disputes such as contract and property disputes. Contract disputes include such matters as commercial contracts, collections, business contract disputes, and buy-sell agreements.  Get in touch with Business Attorney Met Lane today.
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At Met Lane & Associates, P.C., we are experienced in handling a range of civil disputes such as contract and property disputes. Contract disputes include such matters as commercial contracts, collections, business contract disputes, and buy-sell agreements. 

Property disputes include boundary line disagreements, commercial real estate disputes, residential real estate disputes, and trespass just to name a few. 

Our reputation for excellence in litigation ensures that your rights will be protected both in the courtroom and in settlement negotiations. When the other side knows that your attorney is aggressive and successful in the courtroom, they are inclined to offer a large settlement before trial to avoid the cost and risks of litigation.

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If you need help with a contract or property dispute, contact Met Lane & Associates today to schedule a consultation.  We work around your schedule, including evenings and weekends. To contact us, call 770-834-4107.

What Does a Business Contract Lawyer Do?

It doesn't matter if you are a huge corporation, a budding entrepreneur, or somewhere in between as far as business goes. All companies have legal needs, especially when dealing with contracts. Perhaps you have not needed the use of a contract lawyer yet, but more than likely, if you're a business owner, the day will come when you will need a business contract lawyer on your team.

If you were to ask a random person on the street, "What does a business lawyer do?" most people would not be able to answer that question. So for the sake of this article, we will dive deeper into some of the tasks that a business contract lawyer does for their clients so that you will better understand whether or not you need to hire one of these lawyers yourself.

A business contract lawyer plays a vital role in helping businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs as well to handle the contract terms that form the basis of their day-to-day operations. In addition, business lawyers are necessary to guarantee that their client's interests are protected and that they are not bound by any contractual obligations from a current business relationship that may pose an unwelcome threat to their company. 

Contract writing, deliberation, and contract evaluation services are just a few of the options, service-wise, that are provided by business lawyers. In addition, corporate hierarchy, shareholder arrangements, contract terms, income tax, local or federal regulations, trademark and copyright issues, and other kinds of legal issues can be managed by an experienced business attorney.

Generally speaking, a good business lawyer can probably handle 80 to 90% of most businesses' daily needs. Think of your business lawyer as your general lawyer - almost in the same way that you may have an available "general" doctor or dentist. In most cases, you only go to one doctor or dentist all the time for all your needs. The exact process will apply here for your business's legal needs.

This may include questions about issues such as the start-up phase of any business, whether or not a company should be a corporation or an LLC, general questions about taxes, etc. But when the time comes that you need answers to those questions that fall in that 10 to 20% range that your business lawyer may not handle directly, they can definitely refer you over to another lawyer who specifically deals with that area of law, such as a tax lawyer or an employment attorney. This kind of functionality and versatility is definitely what sets a good business contract lawyer, such as Carrollton, Georgia's own Attorney Met Lane, apart from the rest.

What is Contract Law?

When you narrow it down, contract law is mainly concerned with making sure that people keep their promises to each other. This includes both businesses and regular individuals. It's also intended to make sure that people's transactions are transparent and fair to all parties involved. 

In general, when someone initially approves of a contract in oral form or in writing later finds themselves unable to or refuses to keep their word, that particular person is legally obliged to pay penalties for refusing to fulfill their legal obligations. These may be financial in nature. This same rule also applies to businesses.

And when these contracts are not followed and carried out, that is when the problems begin. And this is when you need the help of an experienced business & contract lawyer such as Met Lane in Carrollton, GA. You can reach him today with any questions you might have at 770-834-4107.

Lawyers Can Help With Contract Disputes

When it comes to handling business contracts, you should consistently recruit the best lawyer to have the job done correctly. Employing a contractual arrangement lawyer can assist you in determining which contracts are most advantageous for your company, industry, and type of work.

An experienced contract attorney like Met Lane can assist in the contract's initial drafting and review of the document to ensure understanding and legality. Met Lane has over 25 years of experience in drafting business contracts and can help you navigate any contract disputes if they should arise. And if it requires going to court, Met can help with that, too.

Business Contracts Are a Must

Contract attorneys cope with the issues involving the formation, mediation, and implementation of agreements. Still, they may become entangled in proceedings if the parties involved in the contract later disapprove of how that contract should be perceived or implemented.

Many aspects of everyday lives, including the connections between employers and employees, are formed by contracts. Lease agreements, mortgage loans, student loans, credit or debit card agreements, auto loans, and even profoundly personal romantic relations such as prenups and divorce proceedings are all bound by contracts of one type or another. 

In addition, multimillion-dollar business deals, including corporate mergers and acquisitions, nearly always rely upon contract law. It doesn't matter if you're an entrepreneur or a business owner of any type. But, eventually, you'll need to retain the services of a business contract attorney. They not only simplify the process of forming and reviewing contracts for you, but they can also provide unrivaled order and stability to business owners when doing tasks such as writing, reviewing, or negotiating contractual arrangements. 

Business contract attorneys are experts in a variety of different agreement areas. The following areas are just a few examples of the more familiar kinds of contracts that a business contract attorney, such as Met Lane in Carrollton, GA, can help you with today. 

Common Business Contract Types You Might Have Problems With

Partnership Agreements

Business partnerships are the ideal platform for establishing a business connection, but a clear understanding and contract of this partnership can help avoid stressful and costly disputes down the road. Nevertheless, when the responsibilities and duties of each colleague aren't clearly defined ahead of time, matters can get chaotic. 

Utilizing the resources of a contractual arrangement attorney can help support you in smoothly running your own business by ensuring that this kind of documentation is plainly outlined in your business contract. Additionally, contract attorneys can assist your company formation and give advice on if you should set up one of the following:

  • LLC
  • S Corp
  • C Corp

Service Contracts

Service contracts are typically agreements that happen between a buyer and a seller. Legal professionals for business contracts can assist you with preparing equipment leases necessary to finish a job or with drawing up an arrangement to send to clients and consumers.

Commercial Lease Agreements

If you require office space for your business, you will likely enter into a commercial lease agreement. A business rental lease is significantly different from a residential lease agreement. Having an experienced contract attorney like Met Lane to write or review a commercial lease for you can help avoid many troubles and expenses down the road.

When it comes to business lease agreements, it is highly recommended that you consult with the guidance and recommendation of a business contract lawyer before doing anything. This is because the conditions involved in these kinds of contracts can be confusing, and if you don't have the best advice initially, you could end up with the wrong overall result.

Employment and Severance Contracts

It is a good idea to create the correct mindset from the start when introducing new employees to your company. When onboarding new employees, it's always a good idea to ensure that the appropriate expectations are established from the start. Developing an employment agreement is an excellent method of establishing preconceptions and the employment terms and conditions when hiring new employees.

Other Business Contract Types Include:

Business contracts are one of the most essential tools in the corporate and business sector. These legal records detail all of the specifics of whatever is to be executed and transferred between all of the parties involved. Here are other important types of contracts that you may need help with in the business world.

  • Construction contracts
  • Vendor/customer contracts
  • License agreements
  • Business sale and merger contracts
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Nondisclosure, non-compete contracts
  • Shareholder and member agreements
  • Joint venture contracts
  • Distribution contracts
  • Royalty contracts
  • Confidentiality contracts
  • Investment contracts

What Happens When Contracts Aren't Fulfilled?

Basically, a breach of contract occurs when some or all of the aspects of a legal contract are not pursued. Whenever one party to an agreement fails to uphold its contractual duties, the other party may file a lawsuit for compensatory damages or specific performance against the other party who has broken the contract.


What are the benefits of hiring a local business lawyer in Carrollton, GA?

Hiring a local business lawyer in Carrollton, GA, means you have someone who understands both the local business environment and the specific legal requirements of the area. This can be crucial for ensuring your business complies with local laws and regulations, which can vary from place to place.

How can a business lawyer in Carrollton assist with starting a new business?

A business lawyer can guide you through the process of setting up your new business. They can help you decide the best legal structure for your business, whether it's an LLC, a corporation, or a partnership. They can also assist in preparing necessary paperwork and ensuring that you meet all legal requirements for starting your business.

Can a Carrollton business lawyer help with employee-related legal issues?

Yes, a business lawyer in Carrollton can help with various employee-related legal matters. This includes drafting employment contracts, creating employee handbooks, advising on labor laws and regulations, and assisting in resolving disputes between employers and employees.

What role does a business lawyer play in protecting intellectual property?

A business lawyer can help protect your business's intellectual property, such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents. They can assist in filing the necessary applications, defending against infringement, and advising on the best strategies to protect your business's unique ideas and products.

How does a business lawyer assist in business expansion or acquisition?

When expanding your business or acquiring another, a Carrollton business lawyer can provide valuable assistance. They can help with due diligence, negotiating and drafting purchase agreements, and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. This support is crucial in making sure your business expansion or acquisition is smooth and legally sound.

Ready to Hire a Carrollton Business and Contract Lawyer?

We can assist you in resolving your business contract dispute or helping you to avoid issues with a well-drafted contract. Contact us at 770-834-4107 to speak with our Carrollton contract lawyers about your case today. 

Suppose you're a small businessman, entrepreneur, or a more prominent business owner who relies on contracts. In that case, you'll need a specialist on your side to support you by producing the most thorough documents possible. 

Collaborating with an expert, such as Attorney Met Lane in Carrollton, GA, reinforces productive business connections that will support the future growth of the company. In addition, hiring an experienced business contract lawyer who can assist you in ensuring the legality of your agreements is precisely what you need.  Working with a knowledgeable Carrollton business attorney is a great way to get started protecting your company and your assets. Call Met Lane, Attorney at Law, at 770-834-4107 right now to discuss your business contract needs.


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