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Carrollton DUI Defense Lawyer

Do You Need A DUI Accident Lawyer in Carrollton, GA? 

DUI accidents have an average of $44 billion in yearly death and damage. Drinking and driving is a serious offense and can cause fatal accidents. For those that survive a DUI accident, the long-term impact can be severe. Some people have permanent medical issues. 

If you were in an accident where a drunk driver injured you, Met Lane, Attorney at Law, wants to talk to you. Victims of drunk drivers may be entitled to compensation and deserve to have someone fight for them. DUI Accident Lawyer in Carrollton Met Lane does that for his clients. Call the office at 770-834-4107 to request a free initial consultation to decide if Met can help you. 

What to Do After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver in Carrollton, GA: 

Some DUI accidents are so severe that you can’t decide what to do. In those cases, it may be a good idea to speak to a lawyer as soon as you are able so you can take the appropriate steps. The following are the steps that will help you have the most documentation following a DUI accident: 

Call the Police 

Immediately following an accident, you should call the police. File a report and make sure your statement is taken down. If there are witnesses, try to get their contact information. Having as much of the accident documented as possible is important. Take pictures if you can. 

Seek Medical Treatment 

Whether you think you have injuries or not, you should visit a doctor. Many injuries caused by a drunk driving accident aren’t immediately visible or apparent. But some of these injuries can become lifelong issues, so seeking treatment following an accident is critical. 

When discussing the situation with the doctor, make sure you let them know it was a car accident and let them know how the car was hit. This will enable them to run the appropriate scans and tests. After you have a treatment plan, it’s essential you follow it. Non-medical compliance can hurt you if you end up with a case. 

Document Everything

In the days following an accident, many people discover new pains and bruises begin to appear. During this time, it’s important you document everything. Keep a list of your symptoms, take pictures of new injuries, and keep your medical receipts. 

Consider Speaking to a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

A drunk driver is responsible for paying for your medical treatment and damages if they were the cause of the accident. Many insurance companies, however, attempt to throw out cases or pay the victim’s less than they deserve. Don’t let this happen to you! Consider speaking to a DUI accident lawyer so you get the compensation you deserve. 

A DUI accident lawyer knows the laws around drunk driving. They also have the expertise needed to negotiate with insurance companies to get maximum settlements for clients. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation, so speaking to someone isn’t going to cost you anything. If you want to schedule a free consultation with Met Lane, contact us today

What Type of Injuries Happen When Hit by a Drunk Driver in Carrollton, GA

A variety of injuries can happen due to drunk driving. Some people have scrapes and bruises while others may end up paralyzed. The severity of the accident and many other factors determine the types of injuries someone will receive. The most common injuries from DUI accidents include the following: 

Head and Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are numerous types of head injuries that occur from a car accident. These range from brain contusions to skull fractures to hemorrhages. Head injuries are not something to mess around with, so you should seek immediate medical attention to determine the severity. Some head injuries left untreated can lead to death. 

Traumatic brain injuries also range in severity. Symptoms of traumatic brain injuries include headaches, slurred speech, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting. 

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries 

Back and spinal cord issues can cause a variety of pains and issues for someone after an accident. Discs can slip or rupture and the spinal cord itself can become damaged causing paralysis. Some back and spinal cord injuries can cause long-term nerve damage or pain. 

Arm and Leg Injuries 

You can fracture or crush the bones in your arms or legs in a car accident. Some people lose a limb during an accident. These types of injuries generally require physical therapy. Sometimes the person needs surgery to repair the damage. 


People also can receive burns during a car accident. They may have been hit with a hot piece of metal, or the car could catch fire. Burns range in seriousness, and sometimes people need grafts. Other times, the burns cause permanent scarring or damage that is damaging both physically and mentally to the victim. 

Internal Damage 

Internal damages are serious injuries that need immediate medical attention. These types of injuries are to a person’s kidneys, lungs, or spleen most commonly. These injuries are often life-threatening if not treated quickly.

Understanding Georgia DUI Laws and How They Affect Your Case

In Georgia, driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense with strict penalties that can have a significant impact on DUI accident cases. The law is designed to punish offenders and deter dangerous driving behaviors, while also protecting the rights of victims injured in such accidents. Here’s an overview of Georgia's DUI laws, focusing on blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits, penalties for DUI offenders, and how these laws may influence your rights and potential compensation after being involved in a DUI accident.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits

Georgia law sets specific BAC limits for drivers, beyond which it is illegal to operate a vehicle. For most drivers, the legal limit is a BAC of 0.08%. However, for commercial drivers, the limit is lower at 0.04%. Drivers under the age of 21 face even stricter limits, with any BAC level of 0.02% or higher considered illegal. These limits reflect the state's commitment to reducing alcohol-related accidents and ensuring road safety.

Penalties for DUI Offenders

The penalties for DUI in Georgia vary depending on the circumstances of the offense and the number of previous DUI convictions the offender has. Generally, penalties can include fines, jail time, community service, DUI school, probation, and the suspension of driving privileges. For example, a first-time offender may face a fine of $300 to $1,000, 10 days to 12 months in jail (which may be suspended or probated except for 24 hours), at least 40 hours of community service, mandatory DUI school, and a 12-month probation period. Penalties escalate with subsequent offenses, leading to higher fines, longer jail sentences, and extended license suspensions.

Impact on Your Rights and Compensation

Understanding Georgia's DUI laws is crucial when you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver. These laws not only facilitate the prosecution of DUI offenders but also establish a legal framework for victims to seek compensation for their injuries and damages. If the driver who caused your accident was over the legal BAC limit, this evidence can significantly strengthen your case, potentially leading to a more favorable settlement or court award.

Victims of DUI accidents may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Georgia law also allows for punitive damages in certain DUI cases, which are intended to punish the offender for particularly reckless behavior and deter similar conduct in the future. The fact that a driver was legally intoxicated at the time of the accident can be a key factor in obtaining punitive damages, highlighting the importance of DUI laws in your case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a DUI accident, it's important to understand how Georgia's DUI laws can affect your claim. An experienced DUI accident lawyer can help navigate these legal waters, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

FAQs About Hiring a DUI Accident Attorney in Carrollton, GA: 

Many clients and prospective clients have questions or uncertainties about working with a DUI accident attorney. We’ve gone ahead and answered a few of the most common ones to help you determine if speaking to a lawyer is your best move. 

How Much Does a DUI Accident Attorney Cost in Carrollton, GA? 

With a DUI accident, or any personal injury case, our office doesn’t get paid unless our clients get a settlement. So, you don’t have to pay any money upfront. Our office provides free initial consultations, so you don’t really have anything to lose by discussing your DUI accident case with Met Lane. Call us today to schedule your free appointment at 770-834-4107. 

What Will a DUI Accident Lawyer in Carrollton, GA, Do for Me? 

Working with a DUI accident lawyer allows clients access to a legal expert. Met Lane’s office handles the entire case, from gathering evidence to representing clients in court. When a client works with a lawyer, they gain peace of mind and ongoing support throughout a difficult and confusing period. 

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a DUI Accident in Carrollton, GA? 

You may or may not. This isn’t a question we can answer without seeing the details of your case. Each person’s situation is different with unique factors, so it is not possible to say yes or no without us reviewing your case. If you truly want to determine if you need a DUI accident lawyer, you’ll need to schedule a consultation and discuss the case directly with an expert. 

How Much Is My DUI Accident Case Worth in Carrollton, GA? 

This is another question we can’t give a specific answer to without discussing your case, because each case is different. We can, however, outline the damages we go after for our clients. A DUI accident has medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering associated with it. For our clients, we assess the case to determine what they are entitled to and fight to get them the compensation they deserve. 

Why Clients Choose Met Lane as a DUI Accident Lawyer in Carrollton, GA: 

Injured people in Carrollton choose Met Lane, Attorney at Law, for all types of personal injury cases, including DUI cases. Met Lane and his team are committed to their clients and work tirelessly to get them the compensation they deserve after a life-changing event. Read more about the benefits of working with this office below: 

Trustworthy and Professional 

Born and raised in Carrollton, Met Lane is an integral member of the community. He regularly participates in local civic and charitable organizations. Met knows how difficult the days following a DUI accident are for the victim and is empathetic for his clients throughout the process. 

With more than 20 years of legal experience, Met has the knowledge and skills his clients need to negotiate with insurance companies. He builds strong relationships with his clients to relieve their stress and confusion during a stressful time. 

Award-Winning Attorney 

Met Lane, Attorney at Law, has been recognized by legal leaders as a top law firm. Our firm provides outstanding client care and legal representation for our clients. In addition to industry awards, our firm has many positive and five-star reviews from our outstanding clients. 

Client-Focused Approach 

By combining a client-focused approach, our legal expertise, and a value-driven mindset, the team at Met Lane’s office strives to meet client goals. We advocate for clients in and out of the courtroom. We understand how difficult and frustrating a DUI accident case can be, so we try to ease the situation by managing the complicated process for you. 

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation with Met Lane, Attorney at Law, in Carrollton, GA

Being hit by a car, especially one driven by a drunk driver, can change a person’s life. Whether you have short, long-term, or permanent injuries, you deserve compensation for your suffering and injuries. If you were injured in a DUI accident, Met Lane wants to talk to you. The team at his office works hard for their clients to ensure they get the outcomes they want in DUI accident cases. Contact our office today to schedule your free initial consultation


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