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Homeowners’ Association Law (HOA/POA)

The Homeowners’ Association (HOA) and Property Owners’ Association (POA) are all notorious for requiring their stringent regulations be met by anyone who falls under their jurisdiction in Georgia. If you control a set of property or real estate and want to manage your own HOA as well, you will need to navigate one of the most intricate and delicate set of rules out there.

If you want to avoid fees and legal disputes with the HOA in your community, or if you want to operate an HOA of your own, you must ensure that all rules and guidelines are clear enough to follow, and then followed precisely. This is where we can step in and help you avoid critical mistakes.

The services and legal guidance Met Lane and Associates provides include:

  • Collection management
  • Drafting or revising governing documents
  • Enforcement of covenants
  • Filing and organizing liens and foreclosures

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