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Vicki Morris

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
I have known Met Lane for many years on both professional and personal levels. Every professional dealing I have had with Met has been respectful, forthcoming, and handled in a professional manner. I find that Met also exemplifies trustworthiness and conviction in his personal life.

“Though we have had numerous attorneys, Met was the first to unravel the mess and take on the necessary hard conversations to get a possibility of a distribution moving forward.”

Julie Hill

Met Lane has been more than outstanding in helping my sister and I respond to a complicated estate situation. He has been prompt in communicating his best approach for success while tolerating our frustrations by reminding us to focus on what is needed legally to settle the estate. And oh my goodness how very much we wish we had been referred to him sooner! Ours is a limited value estate and trust that has been unsettled for 12 years. Though we have had numerous attorneys, Met was the first to unravel the mess and take on the necessary hard conversations to get a possibility of a distribution moving forward. For the very first time, we feel that because of Met Lane's representation, we will finally be able to settle the estate. Many thanks Met!

Kitty Martin

Leslie is the BEST!!! Contact her TODAY!!

Sydney Carter

Wow!! I hired Met & his team when I was in a serious crisis! I was is a terrible car wreck and was out of work and up to eyes in bills! Him and Leslie are truly the dream team. They were able to get my lost wages, all my medical bills taken care of, and money in my pocket. Thank you guys so much!!

Keep Moving With Meg

Leslie Willis at this firm is the most amazing! She helped me from the very first phone call. She followed up with me nearly daily to make sure that I was okay from my wreck. She provided very helpful information regarding my case consistently. She made sure that I felt comfortable throughout the entire experience and that I got the outcome that was needed.

Terri Thomas

Leslie helped me quickly, she was very informative and knowledgeable. She keeps me updated and handles everything for me. Very professional!

Alyssa Cassell

I had a complex car wreck neither insurance company were cooperating with one another. Leslie is super amazing she brought everything together and settled in a timely manner. She is so professional, kind, caring, and funny. We love and thank her so much!

Chad Sheriff

Great attorney.

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