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Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer in Carrollton, GA

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Grandparents Rights Lawyer in Carrollton, GA

Grandparents’ Rights to Their Grandchildren

In Georgia, grandparents have no explicit legal right to visitation with a grandchild. However, legal action may be taken to obtain permission to see a grandchild from a child’s parent or parents. A grandparent who takes legal action to obtain visitation rights may file a Petition for Visitation or join an existing case related to the termination of one parent’s parental rights, child custody or visitation. Do you need a Grandparents Rights Lawyer in Carrollton? Call us today at 770-834-4107.

Although there is no guarantee that either of these actions will be successful, in order to gain visitation rights a grandparent must be able to prove that such visitation is “in a child’s best interest. Additionally, a grandparent must also prove that “a child’s health or welfare would be harmed,” if no visitation is granted.

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Grandparents Rights Lawyer in Carrollton, GA


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