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The nature of a personal injury lawsuit can change drastically depending on where you are. States, counties, and even cities have their own laws and statutes that might affect your case. In Georgia, victims of negligence have the right to be compensated fairly for their injuries.
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Generally, a successful personal injury lawsuit in Georgia requires that the injured party prove that the other party, the defendant, is liable for the injuries. Specifically, the injured party must prove that the defendant was the one who caused the accident, that the accident caused the injuries, and that the defendant was reckless or negligent. That is, the defendant had a responsibility to prevent the accident and failed to do so, causing a person to be injured. The law can also differ depending on the type of injury and what caused it. If the injuries were caused by an automobile accident, filing the lawsuit is more complicated.

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With all these variations, you may not know how the law applies to your situation.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact our office as soon as possible. Met Lane is an expert attorney and legal counselor. We will help you sort out the details of your compensation, and if needed, we will represent you in court.

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